Meena: I got my dream role in Dreamz
MeenaMeena has acted in all the south languages and given hits in all of them. Despite the entry of new heroines, her run continues uninterrupted. Right now, she is having a good go in Malayalam. Her Varnapakittu opposite Mohanlal and Friends with Jayaram and Mukesh were hits in Malayalam. Another feather in her cap would be her role in Dreamz where she plays a negative character. It has ample scope to prove her acting abilities. catches up with the actress and knows her mind on many matters.


You are always seen engrossed in a book. Is it a way of avoiding others?
Why do you look for hidden meanings even in simple matters? I am a bookworm and keep reading novels or anything that I can lay my hands on. Why should I avoid talking to people?

Maybe you fear they might declare their love to you and propose marriage.
It's not that way. In fact, I keep getting love letters and phone calls. One admirer has even opened a website in my name, but no one has come to me directly and said 'I love you'.

Who should your future hubby be - a businessman or a film guy?
When did you start this marriage bureau ? ( laughs) I don't mind what he does but he should be good human being.

Why have you started appearing in dance numbers in films?
I did a dance number in Anuboodan  since Vijaykumar uncle and Manjula aunty, who are very close to me, requested me. I did not do it for money as you had reported.

Why are you doing a serious guest role in Thenali  when it has Jothika and Devyani in it?
In fact, each time Ravikumar directs a film he asks me for the dates but many times I could not give it. Same was with Thenali. Then he requested me to appear in a guest role at least. So I agreed.

Heard you demanded full payment for restarting work on Vasanth's Rhythm  as they had used up your dates but not finished the work.
We artistes are in such a condition that we cannot put forth any demands. It's a great thing if we get payments. I have a load of bounced cheques.

Why do you accept Malayalam films when they hardly pay half the remuneration you get in Tamil or Telugu ?
The reason is that some of the best films done in my career are in Malayalam. Dreamz  is one film which will be a landmark in my career. It's a negative character out to finish Suresh Gopi, Abbas and others. It's a great challenge for me. I pray that it clicks at the box office.

What are the films you have liked most?
I have liked English films like Titanic  and Forever Young  and both are romantic movies.

So you are a romantic at heart?
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