Samyuktha Varma: The rising star of Malayalam
Samyukata VermaMalayalam filmdom gave an open-arm welcome to Samyuktha Varma. When she came on the scene, with Veendum Chila Veettu Visheshangal  opposite Jayaram, the industry was literally starving for an actress who could continue in the footsteps of senior actresses like Urvasi and Manju Warrier - who exited the scene after marriage and Shobana who had cut down on her assignments.

And in each release of hers, whether hit or flop at the box-office, Samyuktha has shown promise. The actress speaks about her rise to popularity, her flops and her future hopes in an interview with

Don't you feel typecast in mature and negative roles?
(Laughs) I am tired of explaining this to my parents and relatives and now you are asking this. You know very well that I do what the director wants me to do. My parents tell me after seeing a film that they never thought I could be wicked like that, but what am I to do? Except for my first film, I did not get any romantic subjects to do.

So you were not been able to make an impression after your first film?
You must analyse the films that I did. The second film was Chandranudikkunnadikkil  in which I did a small role. After that I played sister to Suresh Gopi in Vazhnoor , where it was a fun loving tomboyish role. But the public wants to see me in only sarees. My next role was as Nirmala teacher opposite Srinivasan in Avadhikalathu . It was a very matured role but unfortunately, the film flopped. My role as the wife of Mohanlal in Life Is Beautiful too went unnoticed, as it was also a flop. My bad luck. However, the role in my next film Mazha  will be my best.

What is your role in Mazha ?
I play the character of Bhadra and the role has immense scope as it shows the girl's growth from an adolescent to a married woman. Her love life and her married life are all part of the story. It's a dream role and whether the film is a hit or not, I will always cherish the role. Just imagine, doing a role based on a Kamala Das character.

What are your other films?
Kamal's Madhura Nombarakattu  opposite Biju Menon; it's a family subject. Kamal, who brought the best out of Manju Warrier has extracted a good performance from me. Let's see.

Any film which changes your image?
I want to do a typical romantic girl role. In fact, I am wearing parallels and jeans now in my daily life. I want to get out of my saree-churidar image.

How about mini skirts?
(Gives a dirty look) Yes, why not and how about bikinis? (2000-2004) Powered by