Kuberan (2002)- Dileep, Samyuktha, Uma, Jagathi, Indrans

Overall: 3.5 out of 5

Oh No, not another rip off of an old Mohanlal movie. Dileep and his director Sundar Das with the help of producer Menaka Suresh has helped themselves liberally from the archives of Mohanlal comedies like, Unnikale Oru Katha Parayam and Kilukkam and Chitram. We are talking about Revathy Kalamandir’s Vishu release Kuberan.

The story is about a young man, Siddhartan (Dileep) from Kerala, a happy go lucky do-gooder who ekes out a living in Ooty as a carnival artist. The man has a heart of gold and looks after three orphans. A tribal girl (Uma) is madly in love with him, but he is more interested in giving a good time to his ‘kids’. Every month when he makes enough money doing roadside shows Siddharthan likes to live a king’s life for a day. So he hires a nearby palatial bungalow whose watchman and cook (Harisri Asokan and Indrans) are bribed. One day the owner of the place, Pooja (Samyuktha Varma) turns up and then it is hell upside down. After many incidents that are meant to raise laughter, Pooja slowly falls in love with Siddharthan. But the poor little rich girl has a bitter past, which takes the story to the climax.

Kuberan is old wine in a new bottle. The idea of Sundar Das &Co is to make a slapstick comedy, as they had Dileep’s dates. The end result however has fallen flat as even the scenes and dialogues are lifted from earlier comedies. All the comedy artists like, Jagathy Sreekumar, Kalabhavan Mani, Harisri Asokan and Indrans have walk in and walk out roles. Dileep is a very poor imitation of the Mohanlal of the early 90’s. Samyuktha Varma looks jaded. The only saving grace is the newcomer Uma (who is old timer Sumita’s daughter).

Directed by Sunder Das
Music by Mohan Sithara
Lyrics by Girish Putenchery
Songs Sung by Yesudas, MG Sreekumar, Chithra, Sujatha etc...
Starring Dileep, Samyuktha Varma, Uma, Jagathi, Harisree Ashokan, Indrans (2000-2004) Powered by