Malayalee Mammanakku Vanakkam (2002)- Jayaram, Prabhu

Overall: 4 out of 5

Happy News, the Jayaram-Rajasenan team has come out with another laugh riot, Malayalee Mamanu Vanakkam. The film has once again proved that Jayaram is our very own avatar of Jim Carrey.

Aanandamangalam Tharavadu is an aristocratic Nair family from where Anandavalli (Shoba) elopes with a Tamilian, Thirupathy Perumal (Kalabhavan Mani) which created not only a sensation but a stigma attached to the family. Years later, her mother (Sreevidya) tells Aanandakuttan (Jayaram) who was a small boy at that time, about the circumstance in which his sister had eloped with the Tamilian. Aanandavalli was married against her wish to a sadist and unable to bear his torture she tries to commit suicide. She was saved by the Tamilian and later they get married. After their marriage, the father goes to their village and cuts off Perumal’s leg. When Kuttan comes to know the truth, he along with his Uncle (Jagathy Sreekumar) goes to Kovilpatti, where Perumal is a rich landlord and respected person and has a daughter Parvathy (Roja). They realize that Perumal is not only waiting to take vengeance with his wife's family but also hates Malayalees. They pretend to be Tamilians and join as labourers in Perumal’s house. Kuttan tells his sister and niece about his identity, and Parvathy starts loving him thinking that he is her ‘muria mammen’, as per Tamil custom.

Kuttan is engaged to Revathy (Suja Karthika). When Perumal fixes Parvathy’s marriage with Kannaya (Prabhu), she goes with Kuttan to Kerala, as she thinks that Kannaya is a rowdy. When Perumal comes to know that his wife and daughter are against him, he orders Kannaya not only to bring back Parvathy but also cut off Kuttan’s leg and show it to him. Kannaya comes to Kerala and soon Kuttan wins him over by his love and innocence. Parvathy realizes that Kannaya has a heart of gold and they both fall in love. What happens to Perumal’s vengeance? Will Kuttan win him over too? For this go and watch this comedy caper.

The dialogues in the film are a mixture of Malayalam and Tamil adding more mirth to the proceedings. Jayaram as Kuttan is amazingly candid and proves once again that comedy is his forte. Prabhu, Roja and Jagathy are also brilliant. Newcomer Suja Karthika has a long way to go, as she cannot emote. The music of Suresh Peter is ok.

Directed by Rajasenan
Music by Suresh Peters
Lyrics by S Rameshan Nair
Songs sung by: Yesudas, MG Sreekumar, Sujatha, Chithra, Santosh Keshav

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