Thenkasi Pattanam (2000)- Suresh Gopi, Dileep, Lal

Overall: 4 out of 5
Thenkassipattanam from Lal creations has made it to the box office hits list. The movie premiered in December 2000. Malayalam cinema was facing the worst crisis last year many movies directed by famous directors failed to make it in the theaters. The points out the mistake that the directors never did their homework properly and the massive irresponsibility and carelessness alone brought this situation. Many of the movies they directed were immature and creativity-wise stillborn. Directors who made humor cinemas or entertainers have made still greater success than their elder colleagues. 

Rafi Makartin twin directors learned movies from Veterans like Fazil and Siddique-Lal. Their first movie was Putukottayile Puthumanavalan. They proved themselves in this very first movie. They also wrote the screenplay and dialogues for hit movies like 'Aniyanbava Chettanbava', 'Adhyate Kanmani' etc. But it was the super hit movie 'Punjabi House' that presented them the best of their careers. Their movie 'Sathyam sivam sundharam' though failed due to certain problems with co-ordination, was a good movie in artistic terms. This helped in self-introspection and further refined their skills and further their seniors advised them of how to make better movies. All this put together resulted in the superb movie that is Thenkassipattanam. It is a so-called text book movie for anyone trying to learn visualization skills.

The movie did more good to Suresh Gopi than any one else. Four of his movies had flopped and this movie brought him back to the limelight. This has also helped Dileep for whom acting is very much in the blood. Lal the producer-actor in the movie has done a good job too especially in the dancing scenes. The three heroines in the movie have also done justice. New comer Geethu Mohandas rose to heights with the song ' Oru Simham Alayum'

Directed by Rafi Mecartin
Produced by Lal Films
Music by Suresh Peters
Lyrics by Kaithapuram
Songs sung by Chithra, Sujatha, MG Sreekumar, Mano, Sriram, Yesudas, Suresh Peters (2000-2004) Powered by